If you are looking to add buttons to your WordPress posts, we have the right solution for you. WordPress doesn’t have many button layouts that you can add in your posts.

You can use the shortcodes to add these buttons in your posts or even without shortcodes as well. Just to let you know, we are going to share all the methods to add buttons to your WordPress website.

What are the Shortcodes?

Shortcodes are the simple and easy to use code which you can add in your posts or pages. These look very similar to the below example:


These one-liner codes are easy to remember, you can add as many as you want. All you have to do is type the correct shortcode which should have the functionality on your WordPress website.

You can add them anywhere on the Text Editor of your WordPress website. There are multiple times you need to add forms on different pages. What if you can directly copy a shortcode for a particular form & paste the one line code to see the form everywhere.

How to add buttons on your WordPress website

There are multiple ways you can add buttons in your WordPress website but, we are going to share the easiest methods you can try. You can use any of the methods you like & add buttons on your post, pages, or anywhere on a WordPress website.

Not only we see download buttons, but there are different buttons such as Sign In, Add to Cart, Buy Now, Upload Images, etc. You can add customized buttons with these methods.

Method 1 – Using Shortcodes

Firstly, you will need a plugin to create the shortcode for your buttons. This plugin will help us to deploy the functionality of buttons through the shortcodes that we are going to use. Simply, install a WordPress plugin that provides the functionality for buttons.

There are a lot of plugins available in the WordPress library. If you are not able to find any plugin, we would suggest using the MaxButtons plugin for the shortcodes. It is a popular plugin for the Button Shortcodes with 100,000+ active installations on WordPress.

  1. To start off, you can simply Install the MaxButtons or any other plugin you would like.
  2. Now, Activate the plugin and then navigate to the plugin settings. You can see an option on the sidebar of your WordPress dashboard, as MaxButtons.
  3. Now, Once you are in the settings of the Plugin, you can click on Add New under the buttons tab. This will generate a new button type.
  4. Now, you will need to fill the basic details about the button as Button Name, URL, button text.
  5. You can customize the button as per your preferences. While creating a new button, you get different customization settings like font, padding, text color, button width, height, description, etc.
  6. Fill the details according to your needs and you are good to go. You can even check how the button will look, from the preview dialogue box.
  7. Once you are done with the setup of your button, you can click on Save to publish the changes.

This will create a new button that you have just customized. Once, you are done setting up the button, you need to insert the button through a shortcode.

In order to insert the button shortcode, you need to get the shortcode first.

  1. To know about the shortcode of your button, go to the Plugin Settings again.
  2. You will see a list of buttons that you have created before. Besides the button preview, Name & description, you will see the shortcode of your button.
  3. Copy the Shortcode and keep it in the clipboard to use in the further steps. The button shortcode might look similar to the below example.
  4. [maxbutton id=”1”]
  5. Once you get the shortcode, Now we need to insert it in a post or page. All you have to do is open the text editor on your WordPress website.
  6. Just edit any page/post or create a new one if you like. Then, paste the copied shortcode at the place where you want to have the button.

You can even click on Add Button on top of the editor as well. This way, you will not have to copy and paste the shortcodes separately.

Also, you can edit the URL of any button from the editor as well. Just click on the button and edit the URL and Button text accordingly on different pages/posts.

Point to Note – You will need to keep the plugin activated in order to keep the shortcodes working.

Method 2: Without Using Shortcode

If you do not want to use shortcodes for inserting a button, then you can follow this method. As the MaxButton was not feasible for the individual customization on different posts/pages. You have to create a totally new design layout from the plugin’s settings.

a. Using Guttenberg (Block) Editor?

If you are using the block editor which is the newer one, it has a simple way to add buttons.

  1. All you have to do is open the Editor on the page/post you want to add the buttons.
  2. Now, Click on Add New Block.
  3. Once you add a new block, Look for the buttons option. You can search or navigate to the Buttons option.
  4. WordPress provides a block layout for buttons. This will insert a button on your Page/Post.
  5. Once you insert the Button in your page/post, you can customize it according to yourself.

You can add the text and insert the URL to this button. You can even customize single buttons individually. To customize the buttons, navigate to the block settings in the Right-Sidebar. There you can change the background color and hover color.

You can alter the padding, spacing, radius of your button. If you need advanced customization, you can go for the Additional CSS and add CSS code for advanced customizations.

b. Using Classic Editor?

If you are using Classic Editor for your WordPress website, we have got a solution for you as well. You will also not need any additional plugins or shortcode to insert buttons in your pages/posts. You can customize individual buttons through this method as well.

This is similar to inserting the button through MaxButtons or from the Block Editor. You do not need to paste a shortcode or create any layout for this one. All you have to do is just insert the button from the toolbar of your Classic Editor. Follow the steps below.

  1. Firstly open any post/page to edit or create a new one.
  2. Then on the top of your Classic Editor, you will see an option to Insert Button.
  3. Click on the icon which says “Insert Button”. This will insert a button to your Post/Page.
  4. You can edit the button and customize it according to your preferences. There are options to change the text, icon, color, border, URL, etc from your button.
  5. Save the changes and publish the page/post to see the customized button.

The advantage of this particular method is, you can add an icon beside the text on your button. This creates a good impression and attracts the audience.

Let’s Conclude

That was all about How to add buttons on your WordPress website. If you are facing some problem, let us know through the comments. If you have any alternative method which is easier, we would love to hear about that in the comments.

If you were successful in adding the buttons to your WordPress website, let us know about the method which worked for you. Having any queries? We are just a comment away from you.

Have a Nice Day😊!!

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