In this tutorial we will show you How to Configure WordPress To Send Emails Using SMTP. Many users face issues while sending emails from WordPress, if you are facing a similar problem, this article is for you.

How WordPress Default Email Setting Works

WordPress uses the PHP mail function for sending emails. This function is not efficient and you’ll need some alternatives to deliver your mail. In most cases poorly setup Mails land directly into the spam folder.

To prevent sending mails to the spam folder, you need to properly configure and use SMTP protocol. SMTP stands for Simple Mail Transfer protocol. It will boost your mail delivering rate and it’ll surely help you in increasing traffic.

How to Configure WordPress To Send Emails Using Easy WP SMTP Plugin

To make this process simple, we will use a free plugin called Easy WP SMTP. Just download it and upload it normally on your WordPress website, and click on activate.

Once you have activated the plugin, follow the steps given below.

Step 1. Find Email Accounts in cPanel.

Step 2. Click on Create new account.

Step 3. Select the domain, username and password. Also make sure you check the Unlimited radio for Storage Space.

Step 4. Now go back to your WordPress Admin panel and navigate to Easy WP SMTP settings.

Step 5. Fill the basic details needed by the plugin. You can find them in cPanel -> Email Accounts -> Check Email -> Configure Mail Client.

Step 6. Go to Test mail feature and check it works or not.

That’s it! You’ll get confirmation message after using test mail feature.


This is the easiest way to configure a WordPress website to send Emails with SMTP. Incase you face any issue while setting up SMTP under Host It Bro network, you can simply open a support ticket and our team will help you out.

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