In this tutorial, we will show you the complete process by which you can Enable Litespeed Cache on WordPress using cPanel. You can increase the loading speed of your website by installing WordPress plugins which are capable of capturing cache efficiently. You can also get a high PageSpeed score by doing this.

When and Why You Need Litespeed Cache?

Litespeed cache is needed when you need to do a lot of optimization on your website. You can make your WordPress website super fast with Litespeed Cache. You can combine/Minify CSS, JS, Enable Memcached / Redis support on WordPress and Enjoy a huge list of features with Litespeed cache plugin.

Steps to Enable Litespeed Cache on WordPress using cPanel

LiteSpeed cache for WordPress is a very useful plugin which helps in storing the cache of the website in the most efficient way. This plugin has an inbuilt section from where you can manage the cache. You can enable the cache for your WordPress installations by going into this section. Simply, follow the steps described below to enable it.

Step 1:- Login to your cPanel with your credentials.

Step 2:-  Search for “Litespeed Web Cache Manager” in the search bar on the top.

Step 3:- Scroll down to the bottom and click on “Wordpress cache”.

Step 4:- Click on the “Scan” option. It will take some time to discover all the WordPress installations.

Step 5:- Now, click on the “Enable” option besides the WordPress instance that you would like to install.

Step 6:- You can now go to your WordPress admin panel and the plugin will be installed there.


So, this is how you can Enable Litespeed Cache on WordPress using cPanel. Make sure if you are using other hostings, the server is running on LiteSpeed Web Server or you won’t be able to get this option. If you are facing any difficulties in setting up Litespeed cache on your Website, then just open a support ticket.

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