In this tutorial we will show you how to Fix “The Site Is Experiencing Technical Difficulties” WordPress Error. You can encounter a lot of errors in WordPress. One of the most common ones is when it says “The site is experiencing technical difficulties”. If you are facing this particular error in your WordPress site and you don’t know the procedure to fix it then there is no need to worry because you have arrived at the right place.

In this article, we will be talking about this error in detail and we will be also sharing the step-by-step procedure to completely fix it. Let us now get started.

What does this error mean?

You might have heard about the “White Screen of Death” in WordPress. “The Site is experiencing Technical difficulties” error is very similar to this White Screen of Death situation.

After the release of the WordPress 5.2 version, it shows this error on the screen instead of the white screen of death. Though there is nothing to worry about. This error might seem scary to you but it can be fixed easily.

Fixing this Error

Sometimes, the simple rollback of your WordPress site can fix this Error. Firstly, you will need to have a backup of your WordPress site and then you will have to troubleshoot to know whether it was the theme or plugin conflict that is causing this error.

Theme Conflict Troubleshoot

In order to perform this, you will have to activate a default theme. Now, because your WordPress site is showing the error, you will have to do this by going to the Filemanager of the cPanel or by using an FTP account.

You can also make use of an sFTP which is a more secure version of FTP.

Just activate a default theme if you can login into the WordPress dashboard and then check if doing this solved the error or not.

If it did fix the error then it was your theme that was causing the error but in case it didn’t, you can still try Plugin Conflict troubleshoot.

Plugins Conflict Troubleshoot

The plugins that you install in WordPress can also be the reason for this problem. You can easily turn off all the plugins on your WordPress site by changing the name of the plugin folder to “pluginsOFF” and then logging-in to your site.

After turning off all the plugins, again rename the folder to “plugins” and reactivate each one of them by going to the WordPress admin area. Check your site after activating each and every plugin one by one.

When you get the error, “The site is experiencing technical difficulties” it means that the plugin that you just activated is the cause of this error.

After finding out the cause of the error, you will have to rollback that cause. You can easily do this by the “WP Rollback” plugin.

Simply install the WP rollback plugin by going to the Plugins section in your WordPress panel.

Open the plugin and you will see various options to Rollback the plugins and themes on your WordPress site. Select the plugin and then choose the version on which you want to roll back to.


This was it! This was the complete procedure to fix “The site is experiencing technical difficulties” Error. In case you have any queries regarding this article, you can drop them in the comments section.

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