Scheduled a post on WordPress & It didn’t publish? We’ve got you covered. Here is the fix to Missed Schedule Error for your WordPress Website. These are simple & easy methods you can try to fix the Missed Schedule Error on your WordPress.

Scheduling a post helps in organizing the Consistency on the blog. There are multiple platforms that tell about the benefits of being constant on a blog. This can not only help you manage the articles but also helps in improving your value to Search Engines.

Sometimes, WordPress doesn’t publish the article that you schedule as per your requirements. This can not only break the consistency of your blog but also increase the manual burden on you. Humans love automation, But when that automation fails, It hurts.

Fix Missed Scheduled Post Error

We are going to provide different solutions that can help you solve this issue. Carefully follow these steps to fix WordPress Missed Schedule Error. There are two methods shown below, Use any of them & solve the issue from your blog.

Schedule Post Trigger Plugin

WordPress should automatically check if there is any UnPublished article is left in the due time. But, It doesn’t provide that feature to the End-User. However, Schedule Post Trigger Plugin gets the job done easily.

As the name suggests, It triggers the scheduled posts on your WordPress blog. It checks if your posts have any due date for the Scheduled Posts and if it is still not published. This will trigger the Publish action on that particular article and Your scheduled post will be published.

What it does in the backend is, It adds a cron job to check any missed cron job from your website. It is a quick-to-use plugin as it doesn’t require setting up or configuring according to your website. It will start functioning automatically once you install and activate it on your WordPress blog.

All you have to do is go to the link & Install this plugin on your WordPress blog and Activate it to never miss any scheduled post from publishing. Steps to Install manually:

  1. Go to your website and click on Plugins.
  2. Click on Add New
  3. Search for Scheduled Post Trigger
  1. Click on Install on the Plugin card
  2. Activate the Plugin

Wait, There’s another method that you can use to never miss any scheduled post on your Website.

WP Missed Schedule

WP Missed Schedule is another WordPress plugin that can publish your scheduled post without missing. However, It is not like triggering any cron job or what. This plugin keeps checking for any unpublished + scheduled post in the span of 15 minutes interval.

However, You won’t find this on the WordPress Repository. You can visit the GitHub Repository of the same & Download the Plugin Files and Install it as follows:

  1. Visit the GitHub Repository of the Plugin. And Click on the Clone or Download button on the corner.
  1. Save the files in your computer as ZIP file.
  2. Go to your website where you are facing the problem of missed scheduled posts.
  3. Click on Plugins > Add New Plugin
  4. Click on Upload Plugin and Browse the ZIP file you just downloaded.
  5. Click on Install Now once the file is uploaded.
  6. Activate the Plugin.
  7. You are Good to Go!!

Let’s Wrap

That was all about the easiest methods that you could use to never miss any scheduled post again. If you have any doubts/queries, Post them out in the comments. These plugins just require installing and activating it on the website. You don’t need to configure anything or use APIs in order to make them work.

Also, If you have easier method than this, Reach out to us and we will make sure to respond as soon. Follow us on Social Media platforms to get the latest updates.

Happy Scheduling!!

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