There are various reasons you would like to hide the title from your page or post, We are here to help. By the end of this article, we will share some of the easiest ways to hide page or post title on your WordPress website. Check all of the steps in different methods and prefer the one you like.

Sometimes, you do not prefer showing the title of your post in the Meta description. It is your preference which method you choose to hide the title on your Page or Post. We will share all of the methods that are working. Follow the steps and enjoy hiding the title and customizing your page or posts.

Method 1: Hide Page/Post Title using Plugins

This is the most feasible and easy to use method to hide your titles from the WordPress pages or posts. Probably, You must be aware of the use of plugins on WordPress. There are not many plugins that can hide the title from your page or posts.

We are sharing some of the most used and preferred plugins that you can use on your WordPress website.

This does exactly what it says. This plugin gives you a simple toggle on your WordPress editor to hide/unhide the title from your page/post.

Hide Page or Post Title Using Title Remover Plugin

Follow the steps below to use this plugin on your website.

Step 1: Navigate to your WordPress dashboard.

Step 2: Click on Plugins > Add New Plugin.

Step 3: Search for Title Remover and Install the plugin.

Step 4: Activate the plugin that you just installed.

Step 5: Head over to the page/post from where you want to hide the title.

Step 6: Edit the page/post using any editor (default recommended).

Step 7: On the sidebar, You will find a toggle to “Hide the title from this item

Step 8: After clicking on the title, Save the changes.

You’ve successfully removed the title from your page/post.

Hide Page and Post Title Using Hide Page and Post Title plugin

There are chances that your theme might not support the first plugin. If you don’t see any changes or the title is still showing, Check this one.

In many cases, the themes do not support one plugin but work fine with the other. First of all, clear the cache and check if the previous one worked. If not, Follow the steps below to use this plugin on your WordPress websites:

Step 1: Visit the WordPress dashboard

Step 2: Click on Add New Plugins from the Plugins option.

Step 3: Search for “Hide Page and Post Title

Step 4: Install the plugin and Activate the plugin

Step 5: Once you activate, head over to page/post you want to edit

Step 6: Edit the page or post using the default editor

Step 7: On the right sidebar, You will see an option to hide page and post title

Step 8: After clicking on the option to hide, save the changes

Check if the title of your page/post is hidden or not.

Method 2: Hide Page/Post Title using CSS

If you don’t feel like adding extra plugins to your WordPress website, you can do it manually as well.

There are two different ways you can hide the title from pages and posts using CSS code. You need to choose the way you want to hide the title from your page or post.

Steps to Follow: Hide the title from All Pages/Posts

This method is purposely for those who want to hide the title from all of their posts or pages.

All you have to do is follow these steps carefully and enjoy hiding the title from a huge number of pages or posts.

Step 1: Firstly, you need to know what is the exact code that your theme is using for the title.

  • Simply, open the page or post on which you would like to hide the title
  • Right-Click on the title of the page/post and Select Inspect.
  • This will open Inspect Element for the specific page or post title.
  • Now, Check the CSS class that is assigned for your title. This is common for all the titles of the specific type if it’s a post or page.

For example, you might see the CSS class assigned to the title as “entry-title” in the inspect element window.

Step 2: Now, from your WordPress dashboard, click on Appearance > Theme Editor.

Step 3: Look for the style.css file from the right sidebar. At the end of this file, paste the code by replacing specific CSS class for your theme’s title as we found above

.entry-title {

display: none;


Keep in mind that you need to change the CSS class at the place of “entry-title”. It can vary according to the theme you use. Although, You can also do the same with the page’s title.

For hiding the page title, you just need to check the CSS class from any page and do the same as you did before. This will hide the title from all of the pages in one go.

Hide the title from Specific Page/Post

It is always not necessary that you would want to hide the title from all of the pages or posts. In that case, you can simply follow these steps to hide the title from a specific page or post.

Step 1: Firstly, choose the page or post from where you would like to hide the title.

Step 2: Click on the Edit button once you are on the pages or posts section. This will give you the post-id of a specific page/post. (See there in the link, you would find a number as post=192) Note down the post id (in this case, we choose 192).

Step 3: Now, you would need to add the CSS code in your theme’s additional CSS field. Every theme provides some space where the author can add the specific CSS code that they want to add for customizations. Check in the settings or follow the steps below.

Step 4: Click on the Appearance tab and then Navigate to Customize.

Step 5: In the new window, you will see an option for Additional CSS on your left sidebar.

Step 6: Click on the Additional CSS and paste the following code in that field.

.page-id-192 .entry-title{

display:none !important;


As you can see, We have pasted the post-id as 192 in the code, replace it with yours, and publish the changes. Also, make sure that the CSS for your title (entry-title) is the same as what you have found in the previous method (by inspect element on page/post title).

After making the changes, Clear the cache of your WordPress website and check if you can see the title from the inspect element on the particular post/page.

This is how you had to hide the title from your pages or posts on a WordPress Website.

Final Words

We hope that we could solve your problem and you were able to hide the title from your page or post on a WordPress website. If you still have some doubts/queries, post them in the comments.

Share your feedback/suggestions in the comments and let us know which method you chose and worked for you. That was all about hiding the page/post title from a WordPress website. Keep customizing your pages and posts as per choice.

Happy Hiding ?!!

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