In this tutorial, we will learn how to clear the WordPress Cache easily. Many newbies face difficulties when it comes to debugging and optimization, in many cases, you have to clear your cache, either on your browser or of your WordPress website.

It might get little complicated for a newbie to clear caches as there are multiple levels of caches for a website. So, let us find out which caches you need to clear while testing a WordPress website.

Type of Caches for a WordPress website

For a simple WordPress website, there are three types of caches.

  • Browser: This cache is stored locally on your computer. Instead of downloading the static or cached content every time from the server, it serves from the memory, it makes the web page load faster.
  • Server Cache: This cache is stored on the server or say your hosting space. It delivers the compiled pages from the memory to reduce the Computing load on the webserver.
  • Cache Plugin: It is the cache stored by plugins like LSCache, WP Rocket, WP Fastest Cache, WP Super Cache etc. It stores a static copy of cached components in your memory to make your WordPress website faster.

Clearing your Browser Cache

All browsers have an option to clear the cache, we will show you how to do it on the major browsers.

Clearing Cache on Chrome Browser

Step 1: Click on settings.

Step 2. Click on More Tools.

Step 3: Click on Clear Browsing Data.

Clearing Cache on Firefox Browser

Step 1: Click on Menu on the top right corner and click on options.

Step 2: Search for Cache and Click on Clear Data.

Step 3: Select Cached Web Content and hit Clear.

Bro Tip:

Use F5 to reload the page without using the cache without clearing all the cache from your browser.

Clearing Plugin Cache

HostItBro Managed hosting plans runs on LiteSpeed web server so you can use LiteSpeed Cache plugin in your WordPress website.

LiteSpeed Cache

Step 1: Log in to your WordPress admin panel, and on the top bar find the LiteSpeed icon.

Step 2: Hover on the icon and click on Purge All.

This will clear all the possible caches stored by LiteSpeed Cache plugin.

W3 Total Cache

Step 1: Click on Performance -> Dashboard.

Step 2: Click on Empty all caches as mentioned in the screenshot.

This will clear all the caches created by W3 Total Cache Plugin.

WP Super Cache

Step 1: Go to Settings and click on WP Super Cache.

Step 2: Scroll down a bit and click on Delete Cache.

This will clear all the caches created by WP Super Cache plugin.

Bro Tip:

You can simply deactivate the cache plugin if you don’t want to clear the cache if you are having any issues with the plugin.

Clearing Cloudflare Cache

If you are using Cloudflare then sometimes you have to clear the cache of Cloudflare too, most of the people don’t know how to do it.

Step 1: Login into your Cloudflare account and click on the Caching tab.

Step 2: Click on Purge everything.

This will clear all the caches created by Cloudflare.


This is how you can clear the WordPress cache. Note that the steps may change if you are using a different plugin or browser but you have to follow the same concept while using any plugin. Let us know if you need any help in the comment section below.

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