If your website is showing “Your Connection is Not Private” when accessed, There are various things that may be causing this issue. We have covered each and every step that might help you to resolve this issue on your website. You have to check and follow all the steps in order to make sure that you are on the right path.

If you see this error on your website, most probably every visitor would be facing the same issue. Even if you have a secured connection, your website might end up showing this error when accessed. To resolve the issue, Firstly, we need to know about this error in depth. 

What is “Your Connection is Not Private” Error

This error is visible for those sites which are using https with the domain. Basically, It is a check on the certificate installed on the web domain. If there is anything vulnerable/malicious on the website, the Browser will show this error. This only happens if you are using https with the website.

If the website is not using https, that means the domain is not having an SSL certificate installed. Apparently, this will result in showing “Not Secure” for the website. This can also happen for TLS as well. The main thing to understand about this error is, It shows up on the browser if the website is not complying with the Policies set for SSL certificates.

Either the browser will show the Error and will not load the website Or It will ask the user if they would like to continue anyway even the site is not secure. This will increase the downtime value for the website and it will affect in many ways. The traffic you are expecting on the website might not be able to visit successfully due to this error.

Variations of Error in different Browsers

Your audience might use various different browsers to visit the website. They might see different issues for the same problem. Here, We have mentioned all the possibilities for a similar type of Issue on your Website. If you see any similar issue on your website, Follow the guide to solve the problem.

Google Chrome

One of the most used browsers, Google Chrome shows the error in different types. The Visitor will see “Your Connection is not private” while trying to load the infected website.

There are various messages which you might see with the error. These are the most common error messages on Google Chrome for a similar type of errors:

  • SSL certificate error

Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla is another one of the most widely used browsers in the world. It will show you a warning if you try to visit any similar website as “Your Connection is Not Secure”. The User can either click on Go Back or Click on Advanced and Visit the Site anyways. You will see a message below the Heading, this will clarify the type of issue.

These are some of the common error types shown in Mozilla Firefox. You can check if you are facing any similar type of issue on the browser:


Microsoft Edge

If you/your audience is trying to visit the website on Microsoft Edge, The message on the Browser will read “Your connection isn’t private”. All these messages mean the same and tell the same thing. 

You will also see the message on this browser as well. It will tell about the type of issue for the error on the particular website. Some of the most common error messages on Microsoft Edge are:

  • Error Code: 0


In the Safari, You will see a Warning page when you try to access these types of websites. This will show you a button of either Go Back or a link to Visit the website anyway. The browser will show you “This Connection is Not Private” message on the page.

Resolve “Your Connection is Not Private” Error

If you really want to solve this problem from any website, Follow the steps and check if you can visit the website easily. The most probable chances are that the website will be accessible if you follow these steps carefully. Also, You need to check the Error Message shown on the page, that will clarify the issue for the error.

Apparently, If you are unable to visit the website or seeing the error, there are chances that the Certificate is creating the issue for the browser. Cross Check each and every step that we have shared and Enjoy visiting the website without error afterward.

Restart the Browser

First and the most obvious thing that you should try is to restart your browser. Close all the tabs on the current session of the browser. Close the browser and ReOpen the browser. Now, Check if that particular website is still showing the error on the browser. Reload the page and check if the error still pertains.

If you see the error again, This means restarting the browser or tab didn’t help anyway. You should check for the other steps to find the solution.

Use Secure Internet Connection

The message on top clearly shows “Your Connection is Not Private”. This indicates that the connection you are using to access the website is not private. If this is for real, You must use a private internet connection instead of Public Wi-Fi.

There are various chances that you can face the malicious attacks on your device through that particular network. Using a secure connection not only prevents you from Malicious attacks but secures your privacy from expected attackers on the Public Networks. This might resolve the solution as when you switch to a private network, It might not show the error for “Private Network”.

Check Date and Time on your Computer

The computer might show this error if the date and time on your computer are not correct or up-to-date. Internet as well as Computers rely on the date and timings of your device. Many a time, The Computer due to some reason set its time to the default value. However, this time may not comply with the actual time from the Internet. Because of this, The Browser ends up showing the error.

If this is the case with your machine, You should take a look at the Time and Date of your computer. If it is not updated, You should automatically sync the time from your computer’s settings. This might resolve the problem and you will be able to visit the website without facing any such errors.

Incognito Mode

If the problem is regarding the cache/browsing data of any particular site, Incognito Mode is the next thing you should check. We would not recommend clearing the cache, without knowing if the issue is regarding the cache. Instead, You can open a new Incognito tab and try to open the Website in Incognito mode.

There are several reasons that the website might work perfectly fine in Incognito mode. You can open incognito mode / private tabs in any of the browsers. Try visiting the website you were trying before and check if the error is resolved. 

Clear Cache/Browsing Data

Try clearing the cache on your browser. There are possibilities that might not allow the website to load if there is an issue with the cache. Maybe the certificate is fixed on the website but the cache had the same info from the previous version. Clearing the Cache from the particular website might resolve the error.

If you only want to delete the cache and data from any particular website, You can even do that on any of the browsers. Simply go to the settings and check for the cache and cookies option and search for the website you are looking to clear the data. Clear Cache and Browsing data once and Restart the browser to check if the error is still shown.

Clear the SSL State from Browser

As mentioned in the introduction to this Error, This is a problem related to SSL of any website. You can try clearing the SSL state from Browser so that it clears any existing data that is causing the issue. You can do it from Google Chrome directly. Follow the steps below to clear the SSL state from your computer:

  1. Open the Settings by clicking three dots on the Google Chrome > Click on Settings
  2. Click on Show Advanced Settings
  3. Navigate to Network and then click on Change Proxy Settings.
  4. From the dialogue box that just popped up, click on the Content tab.
  5. Now, Click on Clear SSL State
  6. Press OK and Restart Google Chrome.

Check the website if it still shows the SSL Error

Try Changing DNS Server

If you have ever changed to any other DNS like or Google’s /, The error might still occur because of these DNS. There are various instances when these DNS showed the error on the User’s browser for a working website. You can reset the DNS to your ISP’s default DNS that might fix the issue.

If you have not used any other DNS other than ISP’s, then try changing it to or Google’s / as your ISP might be causing the error. Changing the DNS is easy, Just visit the Network Connection properties and look for DNS value and try to change it.

Disable Antivirus or VPN

Some of the VPN and Antivirus might cause the issue on your Browser which will eventually result in showing the error. You can try disabling the Antivirus or VPN temporarily. Check if the error still exists for the website that you were trying before.

If you are unable to see the error anymore after disabling VPN or Antivirus, there must be some issue with your VPN or the Antivirus. Try Changing or Updating both of these on you computer and enable if you need them.

Make sure the SSL certificate is not expired

The error is related to SSL of the website you are trying to visit. There is an expiry of every SSL certificate that is installed on any of the websites. This Error might occur because of an expired SSL certificate of the website. In most cases, Auto-renew is enabled on the website for the SSL certificates but it is not mandatory.

Maybe the payment for SSL certification is due, which might result in expiring the SSL certification on the website. You can check the SSL certification of any website on Gooogle chrome by opening the Developer tools. Navigate to the security tab and click on “View Certificate”. Now check for the details about the SSL certification of the website.

Check for Updates

Check if you have any updates available on your System. On windows, Search for “updates” from the Start Menu. If there are Updates available, try to install and update your system. Restart the computer. Open any of the browsers you are trying before, Open the website and check if the error still persists.

Restart Your Computer

If you have no updates available in the OS, Try restarting the computer. Sometimes, the issue resolves by just restarting the machine. Restart the Computer and Open the Browser and try to visit the website with the same network. 

If the error is not resolved, try changing the network connection. Try using cellular data to provide the Hotspot and opening the website from a different network connection.

Proceed Manually

If you have checked all the steps and the Website is still showing the Error, just proceed manually. This must be a Server-side issue which the owner needs to get fixed from the Hosting/SSL provider. If you are the owner of the website that is showing the error, try contacting the SSL provider which might help in fixing the issue easily.

We do not recommend proceeding manually, As it is unsafe. You must only visit the website if you are sure about the authenticity of the website. Make sure that your Antivirus is turned on and network security is enabled so as to secure the computer from any malicious files.

To proceed manually, Simply click on the Advanced button the Error Screen. You will see a link showing “Proceed to www.domain.com (unsafe)”. Click on the link and you will be able to see the website but this is not a secure way to access any website.

Disable Checking SSL certificates on Chrome

You can disable the Chrome showing SSL error for all the website. With this, Google Chrome will not show any error even if there is any. This can be dangerous as you might end up visiting any insecure website without any precaution. Although, You can disable it using the following method.

You can simply right-click on the Google Chrome icon and click on the properties. Add this command at the end of the target field shown in the Shortcut Tab “–ignore-certificate-errors”. This will ignore all the SSL related errors from your Google Chrome and you will be able to visit any website without any error.

Let’s Conclude

There are various instances when we have seen the error without any issue in the certificate. We have already shared the most used methods for resolving the error on any device. If the error is from Server’s end, The owner needs to contact the SSL provider.

You can try visiting the website from any other device even if you have not found the solution, this will confirm the scenario. If you have found the solution and the website is working perfectly fine now, Drop a comment about the method that worked for you. 

If you are facing any issue or you have some doubts/queries, Share them in the comments. This was all from our side. If you have any other method that works for this particular error, share them with us and we will try to include it in the list.

Happy Browsing.

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