In this tutorial, we will show you the most simple method to Install Free Cloudflare SSL with WordPress. Since we know HTTPS is a ranking factor if your primary focus is for getting search traffic. It basically increases the trust to an end-user that the website is safe and it may help you to get a better and higher ranking on Google search.

A few years ago, setting up SSL was a headache and expensive too, but now with Cloudflare, you can use their free SSL on all your domain and sub-domains.

Steps to setup Cloudflare Free Flexible SSL

Step 1. Create a Cloudflare account or log in if you already have one.

Step 2. Select the free plan.

Step 3. Submit your domain name.

Step 4. Verify that all your DNS records are correct as they are on your current registrar or DNS manager.

Step 5. Change the Nameservers to Cloudflare ones.

Step 6. Select ‘Flexible’ option in SSL/TSL Encryption mode.

Step 7. Enable ‘Always Use HTTPS’.

Step 8. Verify that Step 6 & 7 are done correctly, and hit Done button at the end of the page.

Done! You have done all the needed steps in Cloudflare now go back to the WordPress Admin panel.

Now open your website with HTTPS and check if everything is working or not. Clear WordPress cache if necessary.

If your site is fully functional then go with the further steps.

Installing Required Plugin.

You have to install a plugin to easily use Cloudflare Flexible SSL on WordPress Website.

Cloudflare Flexible SSL Plugin

Instead of making changes manually on your WordPress website, you can simply use this plugin to prevent infinite redirect loops.

Link – Cloudflare Flexible Plugin

By One Dollar Plugin

Download and Activate this plugin on your WordPress Website.

This plugin will do the required stuff and you are ready to use your website with Cloudflare Free Flexible SSL.

Since we have already enabled Always use HTTPS, you don’t have to

If you are facing any SSL or insecure content error then use this tool to find the exact error – Why No Padlock?


This was all about Installing Free Cloudflare SSL with WordPress, you can follow the same method on other websites too, just make sure you are not loading content with HTTP in CSS or HTML whatever it may be or it will create some issues with SSL. In this way, you can make your WordPress website secure with Cloudflare SSL. If you face any issues under our network, just open a support ticket we will help you out with this. Other users can drop a comment below to get help with problems you are facing.

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